Benefits of Sunrise Access Control for Commercial Industry

Here are just some of the benefits that small businesses and large enterprises will gain with Sunrise’s Access Control Systems

  • One Credential for Multiple Sites:  Link remote sites to a single system through our wide-area network architecture. This means you can give a user access to multiple sites with just one credential.
  • Distributed Security, Centralized Control:  Implement electronic access control to all remote sites through a centrally hosted, Web-based platform.
  • Increased Control of Contractor and Visitor Activity: Dynamically assign credentials to expire after a contract is over, or temporarily grant access to visitors. Maintain a digital record of all events.
  • Easy Card Management: Easily revoke cards and PINs from staff and contractors without the trouble of managing keys and re-keying locks.
  • Crisis Reporting and Monitoring:  Receive real-time incident information via email, phone, or pager. A digital record of each facility's system activity is updated in real time.
  • Protection of High-Value Assets: Provide secure access control to computer rooms, inventory rooms, shipping and receiving areas, cash offices, and customer records.
  • Reduced Internal IT Functions: Minimize IT complications with a centralized hosting system.
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